Therapy Animals of San Antonio

 Bringing People and Animals Together for Healing

 Bringing People and Animals Together for Healing

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Our CARE Program  provides Crisis Animal REsponse support to communities throughout Texas who are experiencing disasters and crises of various types. Additionally CARE Teams work with counselors to support students in area school districts when a class or school has experienced a significant loss or difficult event and meet to discuss their questions, feelings, etc. CARE teams are provided with additional training (FEMA, Human and Animal First Aid, CPR and crisis response techniques) as well as travel support when deploying overnight across Texas.

CARE Team Membership cost is $60.00

Affiliate member CARE teams join Therapy Animals of San Antonio for CARE work only as there therapy work remains with their affiliate organization. The initial fee is $60 which includes one year annual membership (critical for insurance coverage specific to CARE work) and the CARE training class. Certifications, clothing and equipment costs are covered by Therapy Animals of San Antonio. The ongoing annual membership fee is $30.

Click on the button below to create a username and password, complete an online application, and pay your fee. Here are instructions for creating your account and instructions to help you set up and navigate your personal profile. If you have any questions while setting up your profile/volunteer page, you can select the CONTACT tab and send an email to any of the people listed there. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

After we receive your completed profile information, we will send you an e-mail letter. If you haven’t paid your fee, there will be a link to pay for it by PayPal (credit card, bank draft). Be sure to check your junk or spam folder and then put us in your safe senders list. We will also give you our mailing address, should you prefer to mail a check to us. You will not officially become a member or be able to schedule the required class and evaluation until we receive your payment.