When Texas communities experience untoward natural or man-made events that cause disruption and pain the presence of therapy animal teams can provide comfort, strengthen a sense of community, and enhance coping. In response to this understanding we have recently developed the CARE Program (Crisis Animal Response) and are building our capacity to  respond rapidly across the state of Texas.

In order to provide the best support possible to Texas communities through established response systems our program adheres to relevant national standards that allow us to identify interested and qualified current experienced therapy dog teams. These teams are  provided with FEMA certified training, animal and human first aide certifications, as well as professionally presented content and simulation experience in communicating with persons experiencing crisis. We also provide  training for team management, leadership in the field, and self-care; as well as, financial support related to deployment. If you are interested in learning more please contact us at CARE@therapyanimalssa.org

Congratulations to our founding CARE Program members! They completed CARE Program training 12 June, 2021 and are now ready to deploy as needed. 

Linda Porter-Wenzlaff and Indigo Moon – CARE Co-Coordinator

Walter Macias – CARE Co-Coordinator 

Kathy Meade and Jasper

Gerald Dubinski, Jr. and Bonnie 

Denise Linnert and Gilley

Sara Morgan and Happy Happy Hazel

Jason George and Soluna

David Scott and Mercy

Beverly Oakes and Tessa

Christi and Morrison and Maggie

Darby Stacey

Debbi Cuellar

Neven Jones

Vickie Jain

Chris Puckett and Scout

Pat Smutz and Kira

Aileen Holeman

Audrey Charlton and Indigo