Therapy Animals of San Antonio

 Bringing People and Animals Together for Healing

 Bringing People and Animals Together for Healing

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Thank you to all who have donated to organization in support of our mission of “Bringing Animals and People Together for Healing”

From Tommy: For Fiesta Pooch Parade attendees who don’t have a dog or brought one to the event

From: UTHSC San Antonio

In recognition of Sara Morgan and Hazel From: Barbara

Thank you to Brandy Lawson and the TDC Group!

Thank you to Barbara Elia!

Thank you to Leila Barton, Graphics Designer, for the contribution of her time and talents in creating a new user-friendly facility form for TASA.

In honor of Steven and Christine Golub. Thanks Steven and Christine. From: Brenda

In honor of TASA teams visiting today – Kathy Meade & Emma, Christine Puckett & Scout, and Bev Oakes & Zane Grey. From: The Emily Morgan Hotel

In honor of Scout Bear. Thank you to all the volunteers who help our community one visit at a time. From: Lindsey

In honor of all the wonderful therapy teams that are part of Therapy Animals of San Antonio. From: Beverly

Thank you, TASA! From: Lisa

Thank you for all you do, TASA! From: Brandy