Therapy Animals of San Antonio

 Bringing People and Animals Together for Healing

 Bringing People and Animals Together for Healing

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January 2016 – Meet the Team

When did you and Bellin become a team? – In January 2015

What other partners have you had? – This is my first therapy animal.

In what type of facility are you visiting? – We visit at Methodist Children’s Hospital, The Children’s Shelter, and The Children’s Bereavement Center of South Texas.

In what other Therapy Animals activities do you and your partner participate? – Presentations, special events, and college de-stressors.

Tell us something about your partner that we may not know. – The biggest thing to know about Bellin (most of you know this) is just how far his life has turned around. Bellin was almost beaten to death and now he works with children to overcome their abuse. Bellin is a spokesdog ambassador for rescue work and anti-cruelty campaigns as well as for therapy work. Bellin has become one of the national spokesdogs for Pet Partners.

What Therapy Animals leadership position(s) do you currently have? – I am the Vice President, Pooch Parade media spokesperson, and coordinator for Therapy Animals’ participation in the Big Give S.A.

What other leadership positions have you had? – None.

Tell us something about yourself that we may not know. – I am currently the Assistant Director for the San Antonio Chapter of Texas Husky Rescue.