Therapy Animals of San Antonio

 Bringing People and Animals Together for Healing

 Bringing People and Animals Together for Healing

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     Calendar 2023

March 2016 – Meet the Team

When did you and Fred become a team? – September 6, 2014

What other partners have you had? – Jessica, a Weimeraner

In what type of facility are you visiting? – Fred and I visit every Friday of the school year at Nichols Elementary School. We read and work on activities with the students.

In what other Therapy Animals activities do you and your partner participate? – Fred and I participated in Career Day at Nichols Elementary School last year. Fred also helps as a de-stressor at the TASA team training classes by ensuring each student pets him at least once during the day while I am teaching.

Tell us something about your partner that we may not know. – Fred knows how to tell time. I enjoy watching “B” horror movies such as “The Invisible Man Returns” which air at 9 pm on Saturdays, but I’ve yet to see the ending to any of them because Fred insists that 11 pm is simply too late for us to stay up. I have deduced however, that the creature from the Black Lagoon doesn’t die at the end because there’s a “Return of the Creature from the Black Lagoon.” Perhaps one day I’ll get to see how that works out. Beyond bedtime, Fred keeps us on schedule with walks, feeding, going to work and visiting.

What Therapy Animals leadership position(s) do you currently have? – I recently stepped down from Quartermaster which held the responsibility of keeping TASA shirts and vests stocked as well as distributing them to purchasers and working with vendors on new orders.

What other leadership positions have you had? – I help deliver the TASA classes for prospective team members and facilitate the coordination of vendors for our annual Pooch Parade.

Tell us something about yourself that we may not know. – After 7 years of teaching 7th and 9th grade math, I transitioned to the educational assessment industry where I help develop new tests and work with customers to solve problems they encounter with current tests.