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Jenny Cordell and RoxxiiJenny Cordell and Roxxii

February 2016 - Meet the Team

When did you and Roxxii become a team? - In January 2013

What other partners have you had? - None

In what type of facility are you visiting? - I am currently visiting an assisted living with a memory care unit facility.

In what other Therapy Animals activities do you and your partner participate? - We have done the Alamo Heights holiday parade, college de-stressors, annual meetings, TASA workshops, Animal Crackers picnic, screening new teams and special event visits with other teams.

Tell us something about your partner that we may not know. - Roxxii is a needy dog always demanding attention. She runs excitedly for the front door at every visit. She makes an excellent therapy dog wanting to visit with everyone!

What Therapy Animals leadership position(s) do you currently have? - I am currently in my second year as the Evaluation Chair. I have enjoyed meeting all the new teams getting ready to evaluate and let's not forget the significant amount of wonderful volunteers that it takes for every TASA evaluation.

What other leadership positions have you had? - None.

Tell us something about yourself that we may not know. - I retired from the State of California with the Department of Corrections. I come from a family with 5 brothers and 2 sisters. My oldest brother is 22 years older than I. His kids, my niece and nephew are older than me. I found the position of Evaluation Chair very challenging in the beginning. It required a lot of computer skills and I had zero computer skills. I learned how to download, transfer and rename a file, scan documents to computer, send email correspondence, attach documents to an email and work in Word to create a schedule. My favorite new thing is copy and paste! The moral of this story is that we often have many different positions within our Board that need to be filled. Get involved, try something new. You might be surprised at what you can do and the rewards it brings.