Therapy Animals of San Antonio

 Bringing People and Animals Together for Healing

8th Annual Gracias San Antonio     Facebook Live Art Exhibit benefitting Therapy Animals of San Antonio

Opens: Thursday, April 15, 2021  and  Closes: Friday, April 30, 2021

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Welcome to Our New Board Members

Walter Macias has jointed the Board in the role of Vice President. Walter has several years of experience as an engaged therapy team with Hans (who he recently lost). He  is currently exploring the potential for therapy animals to be covered by health insurance at a reduced or sponsored cost, and is training a young Shepard for future therapy work . 

Sara Morgan has joined the Board in a new role, Social Medial and Fundraising Chair. Sara is a current therapy team with her Frenchie Hazel and has begun working to enhance our social media exposure and engagement (Facebook and Instagram) as well as to build strategies to increase fundraising.  


As with most volunteer services, our visits to the community are currently on hold. We are however trying various alternative ways to connect. A few of our teams have tried virtual visits or sending videos and humorous anecdotes about their animal partners to facilities and some have done the walk, drive, and ride-bys so that staff and clients could see them through windows, from porches, etc.  None of these take the place of what we know our animals give best; a warm, accepting, huggable presence that makes someone’s day and ours too.

We are all ready to get back to work and TASA will support that as soon as the community is ready for us to safely interact again (the Mayor has set a 2% community infection rate as a target). In the meantime, many of us are working to keep bored animals entertained, enjoying more time at home with them, and making sure their skills are current so they are ready to go when we can get back out there. 

Ongoing Work

As an organization, we have continued to hold Board meetings and to provide orientation classes by Zoom and we have been working on our social media presence. We launched an updated website in November and have developed an Instagram account as well as a more interactive Facebook page.

$10,000 Challenge Campaign

TASA has been very fortunate to have begun a $10,000 challenge campaign in November.  We are so very fortunate to have such strong community support and encourage all of our members to get the word out, like our Facebook page, and network through their own social media. For every dollar raised we make two. Let’s make it happen!