September 2016 – Meet the Team

When did you and Moose become a team? – 16 months ago.

What other partners have you had? – None.

In what type of facility are you visiting? – Ronald McDonald House.

In what other Therapy Animals activities do you and your partner participate? – We have done some additional projects (Red Cross Christmas Party, Alamo Heights Holiday Parade, Morgan’s Wonderland).

Tell us something about your partner that we may not know. – I rescued him after he chewed through 2 leashes at the shelter and he was running loose in the pet store. In the first year I had him, Moose chewed through at least 10 leashes.

What Therapy Animals leadership position(s) do you currently have? – None.

What other leadership positions have you had? – None.

Tell us something about yourself that we may not know. – I had a pet lizard named Joe during college for 5 years. He was 1.5 feet long.