September 2018 – Meet the Team

When did you and Zane become a team? – Zane Grey and I became a team in September 2017.

What other partners have you had? – Junior (cat), Cassie (dog), Sheba (cat), and currently Tessa (dog).

In what type of facility are you visiting? – University Hospital, Ronald McDonald House, 2 libraries and occasional nursing home visit.

In what other Therapy Animals activities do you and your partner participate? – Presentations, de-stressors, StoryTails, Pooch Parade promos.

Tell us something about your partner that we may not know. – Zane Grey was abandoned at ACS when he was 8 days old and then fostered by SAPA. He was given the name of ‘Orlock’ by them who is an evil villian. I promptly changed his name when I adopted him. He has a little bend at the end of his tail which is believed to have been a break that occurred during birth.

What Therapy Animals leadership position(s) do you currently have? -Treasurer and Volunteer Systems Support.

What other leadership positions have you had? – Secretary

Tell us something about yourself that we may not know. – I hail from Menands, NY (a suburb of Albany). I got a job there with Prudential at 18 and worked for them for 13 years transferring with them from NY to CA to MA to NJ and then to Houston, TX. I left the company when I got married and moved to the Rio Grande Valley to farm corn, cotton and grain with my husband. We farmed together for 15 years before moving to the San Antonio area.