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Facility Request Form for Therapy Team

Thank you for requesting animal therapy visits from Therapy Animals of San Antonio, an all volunteer organization. Our volunteers select facilities to visit based on a number of factors including location and travel distance, days and times when visits are desired, population, and type of services to be provided. Demand for our more than 70 teams (most are dog teams) is very high.

The first step to request a team is your completion of the form below for us to obtain basic information about your facility. We will then notify our teams of your request for animal visits. If a team is available, we will call you to obtain additional information. If no team is currently available, we will maintain your facility on our list of options for new teams who join our organization.

If you wish to proceed, please fill out the form below using the tab key or clicking in the next box. Do not use the Enter key as it will submit the form. Click "SUBMIT" below the form when you have completed the form. If you have any problems submitting this information, please e-mail our webmaster.

Type of Facility: hospital  rehabilitation  nursing  assisted living  psychiatric

Age range of residents/patients:

What DAYS are available for teams to visit:

What TIMES are available for teams to visit:

Please tell us if you have a preference as to our teams visiting one on one or with a group of your residents/patients:

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