Therapy Animals of San Antonio

Bringing People and Animals Together for Healing

Board of Directors

Therapy Animals of San Antonio is led by a Board of Directors. If any member would like to serve in an open position or be considered for another position in the future, please contact the President. We publish an annual report each year.

President Gerald Dubinski, Jr. pres@therapyanimalssa.org
Vice President Lisa Lejk vpres@therapyanimalssa.org
Secretary Tamara Yates sec@therapyanimalssa.org
Treasurer Bev Oakes treas@therapyanimalssa.org
Therapy Team Training Chair Kathi France train@therapyanimalssa.org
Therapy Team Evaluations Chair Pat Smutz evals@therapyanimalssa.org
Facility Assessment Chair Norma Brooks facility@therapyanimalssa.org
Membership Chair Eileen Gaughran members@therapyanimalssa.org
Community Events & Presentations Chair Malinda Red Cloud presentations@therapyanimalssa.org
StoryTails Chair Danielle Lewis story@therapyanimalssa.org
Education Chair Linda Porter-Wenzlaff edu@therapyanimalssa.org
Phone Committee Chair Susana Holland phone@therapyanimalssa.org
Quartermaster Tammy Castro-Leduc qmaster@therapyanimalssa.org
Web Systems Support Chair Ericka Garcia web@therapyanimalssa.org
Volunteer System Support Chair Bev Oakes volsys@therapyanimalssa.org
Advisor to the Board Kathy Meade boardadvisor@therapyanimalssa.org

Supporting Positions

Therapy Team Placement Chair Open placement@therapyanimalssa.org
Pooch Parade Coordinator ppchair@therapyanimalssa.org