Therapy Animals of San Antonio

Bringing People and Animals Together for Healing


We invite you to support our mission of bringing people and animals together for healing by making a donation with a check or credit card. It may be a memorial donation given as a special way to remember a beloved person or pet, a celebratory donation given in honor of or as a special thank you to a person or pet, or a general donation given for no special occasion. All donations help to continue the Therapy Animals programs. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization and all donations are tax deductible. Your donation will appear on the Therapy Animals web site as shown below unless you request otherwise. Thank you for your support.

April 2018

In memory of L.D.

From: Mary Liuzzi

December 2017

In loving memory of Junior the Therapy Cat who gave 16 years "Bringing People and Animals Together for Healing". My years with Junior are deeply ingrained in my mind and on my heart.

From: Beverly and Dan Oakes

Richard Westley

June 2017

In loving memory of my amazing Dad, Richard Noyer Westley, a man dedicated to his family, a man of his word helping those in need and a lover of all animals.

From: Mary Westley

Richard Westley

May 2017

In memory of Chesney, partner of Lynda Melendez. I witnessed Chesney work her magic with the young women at the Krier Correctional Facility and knew I was seeing a true therapy dog at work. Her instincts about how and how much to interact with each girl on any given visit seemed to be instinctive and spot on. In addition to all the hearts she touched through TASA, maybe her biggest gift was to Lynda and the whole Melendez family.

From: Liz Shively

May 2017

In memory of Jerry Bailey, a very special man who contributed so much with his kindness and support to Therapy Animals of San Antonio.

From: Beverly and Dan Oakes

April 2017

In memory of Precious and Dulce, the most loving and rebellious dogs in the world.

From: Malinda Prystash

April 2017

Therapy Animals of San Antonio gratefully acknowledges a donation from The Greller Gallery, which was a portion of the proceeds from their OFF THE TRAIL exhibition by artist Paige Holland. Thank you for your support!

March 2017

In honor of Faith, on behalf of all of the young people whose lives she touched. Her unconditional love made a positive impression on these youth that will last a lifetime. Thank you, Liz for sharing her.

March 2017

In memory of Faith, a dog who did it all including sharing her soft warmth as a therapy dog.


From: Carlynn Ricks

February 2017

In honor of Daisy.

From: M. Mathis

January 2017

In memory of K.C.

From: An anonymous donor

January 2017

In memory of Missy, devoted dog companion of Dave and Elaine Davis. Missy lived a wonderful life of 16 years with Elaine and Dave. Missy was a rescue, but Missy chose Dave and Elaine, she knew a good thing when she saw it. Being RVers, Missy loved going on trips. In her later years, she lost her eyesight, but that never mattered as she was so trusting that she would go on walks and sniff and enjoy nature as only a Lab can do. She is very missed, her love and spirit will always be with Elaine and Dave along with her doggie family Sabina and Rufus and other family and friends. Missy can see again and is enjoying running, sniffing and all the special doggie treats at the Rainbow Bridge.

From: Allen and Marilyn Polzin